Erik Halvorson

Engineer, Software Developer, Amateur Photographer

Sharing my pictures has always been a longterm goal of mine. It's really the only way to drum up interest in your work, and it gets your name out. However, seeing as the photographs I take have value (if mainly to me), I've never been comfortable throwing all my work out to the lions. After thinking about this conundrum for some time, I decided to gradually release some of my pictures as Desktop Backgrounds.

Pretty much any picture I take is fair game for this project, although the actual photos I post are going to vary based on my mood, what I have in my queue, and how much time I have. These are being given away for free, so I ask that people please respect my copyright notice on the images and don't redistribute the images without it. Hotlinking my images is fine, but please don't redistribute through other channels. I'll use this site to index the archives of the project, while the main releases will be on my my blog. More index features are likely to come eventually; for now, though, the site is probably going to be fairly simple. Please enjoy my pictures and if you feel up to it, drop me an email or post comments on my blog.

My plans are to post pictures on Monday and Friday. Since I have a full-time job, however, and work comes in sporadic bursts, my schedule may vary based on the time I have.