Erik Halvorson

Engineer, Software Developer, Amateur Photographer

In 2009, my existing phone contract ran out and we decided to upgrade to smart phones. My options? Windows Mobile, iPhone, or the new Google G1, which was (at the time) the only android phone on the market. We opted for the G1, largely because I could program on it. For free. And I could test my applications, directly on the phone. After far too much fiddling with the device, I finally developed my first application, a Washington DC Metro App. As I develop more apps for the device, I'll release them on this website.
This application allows you to view the real-time train arrivals for the washington area metropolitan transit system. You can mark stations as favorites, check to see which stations are nearby, or filter by train line. The application also includes a built-in map. Best of all, the application is free. More details (and downloads) available on the website.
This application can solve for the various parameters of a simple interest loan or deposit account. Given any four of the parameters (APR, Current Value, Future Value, Payment Amount and Payment Count), the fifth value can be determined. Computed values can be stored to history and resused later. Allows you to quickly evaluate the effects of interest rate increases or longer repayment times on the cost of the loan. This application is also free. More details (and download links) available on the website.